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PPE 101: A Guide To What You Need For COVID-19

Personal Protective Equipment (also known as PPE) is the best and cheapest first line of defense against COVID-19.  For businesses to stay healthy, open, and thrive throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, proper PPE is the single best investment until an effective vaccine is released.  PPE can be the difference between being the source of an outbreak […]

PPE Donning and Doffing

If someone you love has contracted COVID-19 and you’re caring for them at home, there’s a chance you’re wearing Personal Protective Equipment (or PPE) for the very first time.  In this article, we cover how to “don and doff” (put on and take off) PPE properly to help prevent and reduce the spread of COVID-19 […]

How Face Masks Should Fit

The best tool each of us has in the fight against COVID-19 is wearing the right mask, consistently, and correctly.  The right mask, worn the wrong way, won’t protect you or your loved ones.  In this brief article, we share how a mask should fit in order to protect you properly.  This article talks you through […]

Face Mask Vs. Face Covering

Everyone is feeling overwhelmed by the public health crisis taking over the globe.  We’re here to distill confusing health information and make it easier to take action — starting with clearing up two phrases used interchangeably: “face mask” and “face covering.” The two aren’t the same, and their protection level against contracting COVID-19 isn’t the […]