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Quick PPE Guide For Small Businesses During COVID-19

Since COVID-19 spread across the globe, Personal Protective Equipment (also known as PPE) has been in high demand from medical professionals, organizations, businesses, and consumers alike.  While PPE was in short supply during the onset of the outbreak and its use was restricted to healthcare workers, it’s now essential that anyone in close contact with others wear PPE in order to stop the spread of […]

Face Mask Vs. Face Covering

Everyone is feeling overwhelmed by the public health crisis taking over the globe.  We’re here to distill confusing health information and make it easier to take action — starting with clearing up two phrases used interchangeably: “face mask” and “face covering.” The two aren’t the same, and their protection level against contracting COVID-19 isn’t the […]

How Face Mask Filters Work

As wearing a face mask in public spaces has become compulsory in many countries worldwide, many different face mask types have become available to purchase. From respirator face masks to washable cloth masks and everything in between, there are many choices presented to buyers.  With many choices comes many questions.  In this article, we’ll tackle […]

What Can Be Used As A Face Mask Effectively?

Scientists have made it clear that physical distancing measures alone aren’t enough to prevent coronavirus’ spread. Wearing a face mask is the best way to not only protect public health but protect your own health. But, just because something covers your face doesn’t mean it protects COVID-19. While cost might seem like the deciding factor […]